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How using a buying agent can help when you are based overseas

September 5th, 2016 2:49 am

Are you currently based overseas – maybe you’re living in Singapore or Hong Kong at the moment – but thinking about moving back to Sydney? Perhaps you’re considering buying a new home when you arrive back in Australia but are unsure where to begin. If so, perhaps it’s time to consider hiring a buying agent to help you with your big move.

Why it’s a good idea to hire a buying agent

A buying agent is legally bound to act in your best interests. This means that you have someone on your side when you’re house hunting for a Sydney home, and this person can advise you on the best steps to take.

Buying a property is complicated, and buying a property while you’re still overseas more so. With a buying agent, the process is simplified. The agent can help you to refine what it is you want from your new home, and take the time searching for your perfect pad, while you get on with other important things in life.

A buying agent can save you time

A buying agent will have a chat with you to decide what it is you want from your new Sydney home. This can be in the form of a face-to-face meeting, which helps you to truly get your point across about what it is you want from your new property. Then, the buying agent will go and visit certain properties that meet these requirements on your behalf. They will then come back to you with a shortlist of the best properties they’ve viewed.

This is the perfect scenario if you’re not in the country and unable to view the properties yourself.

Furthermore, if you’re keen on a home, the buying agent can organise someone to go into the house and inspect it for you, before connecting you with recommended professionals like mortgage brokers and solicitors, so you have everything you need to complete the sale.

A buying agent can save you money

There’s no doubt that it can be expensive to fly to Australia, simply to go house hunting. By cutting out these costs and having the buying agent create a housing shortlist for you, you will save huge amounts of money.

Furthermore, if you travel to Sydney simply to find a home you like, if you make an offer on a place you will most likely want to settle the sale before you go back to the country you’re currently residing in. This time pressure can sometimes mean you don’t get the best deal. With a buying agent negotiating on your behalf, you have all the time in the world to complete the sale, and therefore you’ll be able to get a better price.

A buyers’ agent makes the purchasing process easy

Some things are better left to the experts. By calling on a buyers’ agent to help you out with your purchase, you can ensure the process will be smooth sailing. You can relax, while someone else does the hard work for you!

Interested to learn how we can help? Contact us today and let us help you buy your new home or investment property. After meeting with you and finding out exactly what type of property you’re looking for, we can efficiently source and shortlist properties that are suited to your lifestyle, business or investment needs. To see how we can help, visit

Green Real Estate

March 12th, 2013 8:55 am

Over the past decade, more people have become interested in helping the environment than ever before. One of the best ways to help the environment is to focus on consuming as little as possible while avoiding using energy when it is not necessary. As a result, a number products of come on the market that can help people do more using less energy. There are, however, other techniques set up been employed in recent years. Today, green real estate has become popular, and buyers often look to purchase homes that designed to operate as efficiently as possible. Here are a few common elements of green real estate.

– Insulation
Insulation is a crucial component of green real estate. Homes that are not properly insulated will lead to higher bills for heating and cooling. Even small cracks in a home can lead to significantly higher energy bills, which are indicative of a home that is consuming more energy than is necessary. When looking for green real estate, it is important to see how well insulated a building is.

– Green energy
When it comes to green real estate, the most obvious component is solar panels. In the 1990s, solar panels were generally considered to be unattractive, and real estate agents were often advise sellers that homes with solar panels will sell at lower costs. Today, solar panels are viewed as valuable additions to homes, and the amount that they will increase a homes value by generally exceeds the cost of buying and installing panels. Those interested in green real estate developments may wish to install solar panels.

– Environmental integration
Green real estate also deals with building homes that mesh well with the environment. When building a home, some developers are now looking for ways to avoid cutting down trees. In addition, environmental themes are now common in homes, and buyers often look for homes that seemed to blend with their surroundings. It primarily deals with issues of energy usage and conservation, but the aesthetic elements cannot be ignored.

– Small steps everyone can take
Environmentally-friendly products are coming to the market every day, and many of these products target homes. Fortunately, there steps everyone can take to reduce how much energy they use, and green products are more affordable than ever. While newer homes are generally more energy efficient than older homes, installing new windows or new insulation can lead to a tremendous reduction in energy usage. Going green does not always entail purchasing a new home; in some cases, the best way to be green is to look toward one’s current home and focus on incremental improvements.